Terminus Evolution

A series of anthologies from Terminus Media, John has had short stories featured in each of the following titles:


Evolution Book 1 – The God That Failed (available free for viewing on the Terminus website)

What happens when you are a hero with only one day to live? What will you do will your powers, and will anyone remember you?

Evolution Book 2 – The Art of The Deal

A poker game played by two people who are not what the seem for stakes the entire town may not survive.

Evolution Special (Terminus’s first color anthology) – Forgotten Kings

The laws of the dinosaurs demand to be obeyed, lest you perish.

Also featured in the Evolution Special – The Art of the Steal

The first story featuring Terminus’s own Amber Fox. This thief will cross space and time to get an item, but on this particular trip she finds an owner who has plans of his own.