Machina Obscurum: A Collection of Small Shadows

On Sale: December 7, 2015

Pages 257 | ASIN: B018OU259G



22 Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Modern Short Stories by:Machina-Front-Cover

J Edward Neill, River Fairchild, John McGuire, Chad J Shonk, JL Clayton, Phil Elmore, Roy T Dodd, Robert Jeffrey II, and F Charles Murdock.

Machina Obscurum contains twenty-two short tales by nine masters of fiction. Within these pages lie stories of men and monsters, of lonely souls and far-distant places. No matter what whets your appetite: sci-fi, horror, fantasy, or hard, dark realistic fiction, A Collection of Small Shadows has it all.
…and more.


I have 2 Short Stories in it:

Til the Last Candle Flickers and And I Feel Fine

And an excerpt from The Dark That Follows.

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