Hollow Empire

On Sale: October 10, 2014

Pages: 294 | ASIN: B00OBQSHEAHollow Empire Front Cover
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Check out an excerpt from Episode 1!

Finally the Complete 1st Season of Hollow Empire. All 6 Episodes collected in one novel.

Join Vadim, Nadya, Cassidy, and Murgul the Maggot as they struggle to survive in the aftermath of the world’s deepest, darkest plague, the Lichy. Hunted by aristocrats, chased by outlaws, sought after as supper for the vicious, zombie-like Iritul, our four survivors must fight for every moment of their lives.

For otherwise, they’ll join the rest of the world in its grave…

The serialized novel from John McGuire and J Edward Neill, Hollow Empire is a dark fantasy available now on an ereader near you.

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Also available in softcover!

Check out an excerpt from Episode 1!

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